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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

~~ April 2014 ~~
Batter UP! - Baseball Season Starts!
April 1st is APRIL FOOLS DAY!
April 4th - Sedona Art Walk
April 5th - Jerome Art Walk

April 15th Blood Moon Eclipse

April 15th - Tax Day

April 16th thru April 25th - Lyrids Meteor Shower (Peak is April 21)

Sunset April 14th thru April 22 - Passover

April 18 - Good Friday leads to Easter on April 20

April 26th - Movie Group  

Happy Birthday to Joe M., Steve S., & Kim S.

January 2014 was mild. We were 6º warmer than 2013. There was only.06 precipitation and no snowfall!
February was the warmest February I have on recorded on my weather station.  There were 15 days at or above 68º. This is unprecedented in my records.  The average high is almost 4 degrees higher than normal.  Our rain & snow is down 5 plus inches since November.  There were 97 days without measurable rain since November.
On March 1st, Soldiers Pass did receive around 1 inch of rain!
See Rick's World Almanac

"False Dawn" - This picture was taken on April 1st and processed so that you could see the band of light.  The band of light starts out wide at the bottom and focuses into a narrow band that follows a slight eliptical curve about 55º into the sky. This phenomena only occurs around the equinox and is rarely observed.  

"First Light" ~ This HDR picture was taken on February 28th with an Ultra-wide 14mm lens.  Looking for the 

Winter never came to Northern Arizona! We had 1/2 inch of snowfall on December 8th. This January, February & March were the mildest on record!  Spring has been here since early March. Our tourism across the state has seen records due to the great weather locally and the extremely cold temperatures and record snowfall all across the country.  
Flagstaff had around 5 inches of snow - normal is 100+ inches. The only snow Sedona received was 1/2 inch on December 8th, 2013.

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Monsoon started June 15 and ended on September 30th --> 8.18 Inches of Rain
All Time CoffeePot Cottage Record Hot Temp  109.1º set on June 29, 2013
Previous Record Hot Day 105.4º

Spring Time in Sedona
This photo was taken by sperryr.com for  Sheri Sperry Re/MAX Sedona Realtor® - See photos by Sheri Sperry at her Photo Gallery - Sedona Is In My Heart
This image was taken in the New Frontiers parking lot.  During Spring the flowering trees really celebrate the season. 

sheri sperry ReMax Sedona real estate for sale


Check out Sheri Sperry's blog at www.sedonaproperty.blogspot.com or activerain.com

THANK YOU for your support! We are over 31,500 hits and counting!
When I started this website about 2.5 years ago, my goal was to provide current and useful information about the people and the place I love and respect so much, as well as beautiful landscape photography. I decided to add a weather station and other pages to celebrate our military and first responders and create a page of special videos that have touched my heart strings or funny bone. I will continue to strive to make "clicking" on this website an enjoyable experience for you.  

~ ~ ~

  Sedona Calendar of Events - Added because of the Holidays - This will be a permanent feature - Includes descriptions and links of the event. Four different sources used to gather information about upcoming events.  

"Chapel of the Holy"  - Picture is courtesy of Rick P Sperry - All rights reserved 2014.  - This picture was taken from the driveway of 5 Gambel, one of Sheri's Listings.  Captured from the front yard of one of Sheri Sperry's listings that will come on market mid-September. 
To go to some special photo galleries about Sedona and Northern Arizona CLICK ON THE PICTURE.  
These albums are presented by Sheri Sperry Re/MAX Sedona Realtor (eSedona.biz) and Sperryr.com - Thank You!
All pictures & images are property of sperryr.com, esedona.biz - Copyright © 2014
Check out the video by the Smihsonian Magazine at All Things Sedona

Spring is here!  It is always spectacular to see all the trees blooming white and pink flowers. The trees line the 89A in front of all the businesses and really help to celebrate the season of renewed life. During the Spring, Sedona, can get a dusting of powder that helps to contrast the spectacular scenery we have all year long.  Snow capped red rocks and ever green Pine and Juniper trees stand out to make awe-inspiring images that can take your breath away. Every season is gorgegous in this red rock wonderland.

Find the most complete weather information as well as Almanac information going back to 2010.  Scroll down from the top of the Weather page for this info!  
Sedona Weather - Added --> twisterchasers.com - This will link to renowned Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski's website.  

Click on the banner below to get an extended forecast for Sedona 86636, AND, much, much more... Check it out!
The weather station is located  @ 4536 ft. elevation in the CoffeePot Cottages, Soldiers Pass (close to uptown Sedona, 86336).

Find more about Weather in Sedona, AZ
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Real Estate Information For Sedona & All Communities In The Verde Valley

Summer is Comming! Check Out this Sedona Luxury Listing - See the Virtual Tour Below!!


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Please Visit Sheri's Website @ eSedona.biz !! - (See my commentary in Rick's World Every Day Journal)
Find the most comprehensive real estate listing search engine and analysis tools at www.eSedonaHomes4sale.com !


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Sheri has a another dynamic website geared for your up-to-date search engine and demographic information needs! Nothing in the industry is more powerful...Check it out! --> www.eSedonaHomes4sale.com


This site has the most user friendly & complete listing search engine bar none. This search engine includes complete and up-to-date listing information for short sales and foreclosures. There is a wealth of demographic information that is unmatched in the industry.  You can compare communities, get a market analysis and gather the most detailed community information not found in this much detail anywhere else on the web in a format that is easy to see.  You can click on education level, crime risk, weather risk, maps with detailed info on shopping, restaurants, healthcare, places of worship, financial services, government, school rankings and many, many more stats.  Check it out!

Sheri Sperry is President of the 
Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals (SLREP). Other affiliations include:,  Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), as well as the National Assoc. of Realtors® (NAR), Re/Max Sedona, Sedona Verde Valley Assoc. of Realtors (SVVAR - MLS); she is also a featured agent on realtor.com, trulia.com, Kudosaz.com, SedonaVerdeHomefinder.com, tourfactory.com, and featured contributer (RainMaker) for ActiveRain.  
Sheri has also been
 a past Premier agent for Zillow.com & member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce


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Latest News from Sedona and Around The World! ~~ This is an RSS feed which is continuously updated. 

Sedona AZ, April 1, 2014 - Whole Foods is in the process of buying 4 or the 5 New Frontiers stores.  Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott and San Luis Obispo will be acquired by Whole Foods.  New Frontiers Natural Marketplace is headquarted in Solvang CA. That Solvang store and the organic farm it operates nearby will continue to be operated by New Frontiers. 

The deal will be finalized in a few weeks.  Once the deal has been completed. New Whole Foods banners will be raised on the acquired stores.  As part of the negotiations, the current employees will be offered jobs.  

Many residents who shop at New Frontiers in Sedona were stunned by the announcement this morning. Some have expressed concern about the change but Jonathan King, president of New Frontiers stated "We are very enthusiastic about their (Whole Foods) to take our stores into a successful future.  We know they will provide growth opportunities for our exceptional team members, and continue to bring retail excellence and outstanding service to our local communities." 

Some quotes & facts taken from SN Supermarket News article by Jon Springer 3-31-14



Sedona AZ, March 30, 2014 - The B-17 "Sentimental Journey" is planning a visit to Sedona Airport for March 31st.  This historical warbird has an ominous presence.  It is based at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona.  The nose of the aircraft features Betty Grable, the number one pinup girl in WWII. The name is based on a song made popular by Doris Day in 1945.  


Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Boeing B-17G was built by Douglas Aircraft in late 1944 and was accepted by the U.S. Army Air Forces on March 13, 1945. This bomber is celebrating it's 70 year. It regularly flies in to air shows all over North America.  It has a colorful history.  Though it has seen storage a couple of times in it's lifetime, it has been in a number of theaters all over the world.  One of the most important missions was "Operation Greehouse".  During the spring of 1951 the U.S. conducted atmospheric thermal tests using drone B17s during nuclear weapon tests. This B-17 was the mother ship that controlled the drone B-17s. For 18 years the B-17 was converted to fly as a forest fire fighter.  After an extensive restoration process from 1981 to 1985, the bomber was returned to the original condition.  Today it is keeping the legacy of the B-17 in the hearts and minds of aviation enthusiasts all over the world.  


B-17 facts courtesy of Wikipedia 

Below is a B-25 that participated in the Sedona Air Show on September 21, 2013  

2014 Mercury Retrogrades - see Sedona Calendar of Events  for other celestial information including moon phases and eclipses.
The Next Mercury Retrograde starts February 5th and goes thru February 28th 
 - This is when the planet Mercury appears to move backward because of the orbital position with earth.  This generally happens 3 times in a calendar year because Mercury will orbit the sun three times to earth's annual orbit.  In Astrology, 
Mercury governs all transportation and communication issues. During a retrograde some of its power is held back. Read More...   To see all the Mercury Retrogrades in the 20th Century <CLICK HERE>

Retrogrades for 2014
February 5 to February 28, 2014
June 7 to July 1, 2014
October 4 to October 25, 2014


<< Gas Prices >>
- Want to know the lowest and highest gas prices for your zip code?  Click here.


 Arizona Department Of Transportation  

Update - April 2014 - Constuction is moving forward on the I-17.  Though there is work being done during the day time.  Much of the blasting is being done at night between 8 PM and 8 AM.  You may experience delays if you travel either direction at that time. Much of the Mountain has been reshaped.  Warmer temps than usual has allowed the construction to go on with few interuptions. 

Construction on the first Climbing Lane on the I-17 has started.  - Camp Verde AZ - January 21, 2013 -
The climbing lane will start south of Camp Verde and proceed two miles to the top of Copper Canyon (mileposts 280-282).  As part of the project, ADOT will add an auxilary lane between SR 260 and General Crook Trail traffic interchange (milepost 285). Large trucks will be able to gain speed when entering traffic.  These lane additions will provide a safer lane for trucks and slower moving traffic to travel in. 

There are three planned phases.  
For the latest highway conditions across Arizona visit ADOT's Travel Information site



  Sperryr.com will continue to honor our veterans and service men & women this year and beyond, by keeping this page active.  

Go to Veterans & Military Commemoration page.

<-- Click on the candle for a different tribute and remembrance of 9/11/01...


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04/01/14 Sedona Weather Almanac - (Updated) - See the high/low temps for Sedona as well as rain/snowfall! 
03/28/14 - Sedona Movie Group  - (Updated) - Uploaded new link for current group. 
03/28/14 -
All Things Sedona - (updated) - See Smithsonian magazine aerial video of the red rocks and Chapel Area (1 min 57 sec)
02/05/14 Events in Ricks World - (Page Eliminated - Added to Home Page) Sedona Calendar of Events is still Active!
01/03/14 - My UPS Life  (Updated) -  "Peak Season" - Did UPS & FDX Get a Bum Rap on Holiday Delays?
01/01/14 - (Updated) - Sedona Calendar of Events - Where you go to find out what is happening in and around Sedona.  It is designed for locals and visitors. Will continue to add events a couple of times a month.
10/02/13 - (UpdatedOur Fallen Heroes - A tribute to those service providers who make the ultimate sacrificeHonoring The Granite Mtn. Hotshots  
05/29/13 - Sedona Photo Albums - Updated Sheri's Photos with a new photo slider that loads slightly faster
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05/01/13Veterans & Military Commemoration (Updated- Irving Berlin's "God Bless America"
07/14/12 Every Day Journal (Updated) - Covers events & activites Sheri, I & our friends/relatives are involved in   
03/02/12 - BLOG - Rick's World ~ Perspective - Mercury Retrograde Explained   
09/11/11Special 911 Remembrance Page               
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THANK YOU for your support! We are over 
37,265 hits and counting!
When I started this website about 2.5 years ago, my goal was to provide current and useful information about the people and the place I love and respect so much, as well as beautiful landscape photography. I decided to add a weather station and other pages to celebrate our military and first responders and create a page of special videos that have touched my heart strings or funny bone. I will continue to strive to make "clicking" on this website an enjoyable experience for you.   


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