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Red Rocks Fever ~ Catch It!

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Red Rock Country!

Red Rock Country, Sedona AZ 86336 - Many buyers who are looking at homes for sale in Sedona and as well as tourist say, one of the top statements made when talking about community information is, "it is a visitor playground during all four seasons". Another huge factor is the majesty of the area is framed by such famous rocks such as Coffeepot, Cathedral, Bell and Courthouse Butte as well as many others! The old saying goes that God may have made the Grand Canyon but He lives in Sedona Arizona! Many residents and tourists alike have claimed to get #RedRocksFever! According to L'Auberge de Sedona, _"Red Rock Fever is the exquisite mix of southwestern sun and extraterrestrial landscape that seduces visitors the moment they arrive in Sedona"_! For more images go to **RedRocksFever.com**.

>> The Unsurpassed Natural Beauty is a Magnet for Visitors <<

The core industry and economic generator is tourism. Tourism has dynamic direct and indirect effects on each and every business and person. The Sedona Chamber’s Tourism Bureau has been the leading marketing organization responsible for generating overnight visitation to enhance the vitality of our economy. Our Visitors Center serves more than 400,000 visitors per year.

Sedona's Natural Endowments Are Without Equal

The collection of the Verde Valley natural endowments also includes the 1.8 million-acre Coconino National Forest, which surrounds this city and encompasses seven intriguing wilderness areas. Obviously, the list of sightseeing and recreational amenities, including state parks and national monuments, is extensive. In fact, its hardly a surprise that the winding road through Oak Creek Canyon is not only Arizona’s first officially designated scenic highway, but it is also the first leg of a day trip to one of the world’s great wonders, nearby Grand Canyon.

Exceptional Small Town Charm and Energy

Along with its myriad geological features, many tourists relate Sedona’s exceptional charm to the fact that they can conveniently spend a day hiking, horseback riding, touring, or bouncing in a Jeep on trails and dirt roads that crisscross this area. Then they can enjoy the comfort of deluxe Sedona hotels, country inns and prestigious resorts at night.

The Mystery of Sedona Creates An Inescapable Allure

Indeed, the paradox and enchantment of Sedona are the luxurious hotels, motels, and resorts. Which also include bed & breakfast establishments, unique shops, impressive art galleries, performing arts and fine restaurants all nestled in a rugged canyon surrounded by national forest and red rocks.

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This has become a very popular quote for Sedona and the surrounding area…

"God created the Grand Canyon but He lives in Sedona"
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