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The “Current Sedona News Headlines” below is just a way to stay informed of what is going on in and around Sedona. Some events may stay on the page longer than other events. There may be links to Blogs that you might find interesting. Thank You for taking the time to visit Ricks World Sedona.

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  • Whiskey Fire Started By Lighting on September 2
    Firefighters are managing the Whiskey Fire, which was started by lightning strikes. It is located about 15 miles southwest of Flagstaff in the approximate footprint of the Slide Fire of 2014. 105 acres have been burned so far and hopefully monsoon conditions will help get it under control.
  • Oak Creek Canyon - 708 Trees Along 89A Marked For Removal
    These trees have become a safety hazard and could fall on the roadway. There are about 45% of the trees that are already dead or dying and another 10% are leaning with root exposure weakening the trees and creating the possibility of a fall. The trees are in a 12 mile expanse and will help to create a clear zone in case a vehicle has an emergency and leaves the roadway.
  • Roadway Repaving Continues is Oak Creek Canyon
    Work has continued in Uptown and so has the repaving in Oak Creek Canyon. Hopefully the roadwork will be mostly completed by the heavy fall hiking season which gets started near the the beginning of October.
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  • Are the fall months a good time to visit Sedona? There is no real bad time to visit Sedona. The weather is pretty good all year long. LIke most of the US, fall is a very pleasent time of year. Many people come to hike and enjoy the weather. Monsoon typically ends mid September in Sedona. Officially it ends on September 30th. If you are planning on a hike, the early morning will be crisp, layer your clothing. This is the time of year that Sedona gets many visitors so start early if you are looking to hike in one of the more popular areas such as West Fork, Cathedral or Boynton Canyon. Take plenty of water with you. You can learn more information about the weather by checking the monthly statistics at Sedona-Weather.com.
  • Trail Closures: The trails are continually being evaluated for public safety, and closures may result. Areas impacted - Boynton Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Soldiers Pass and West Fork. Check with the forest service for latest trail closures. or check here for Mountain Bike Trail info - which should be good for hiking as well.
  • Aerial Video from Residential Area.Click on the link to see the aerial video from Soldiers Pass AZ ——> https://vimeo.com/283789652
  • Find the Latest Information for Sedona In Motion (SIM)Traffic is a big concern for our area and Sedona is doing much to minimize the impact of additional traffic. Many roadway improvement projects are taking place. Check here for the latest news of the impact of these projects.
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Movie Group

Sedona Movie Group

Left to Right - Clockwise
Lee - Robert - Gary - Sheri - George - Sybil - Rick taking picture

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The group meets periodically discussing 2 movies the host decides upon.
Sometimes, there is a theme, actor - actress - director that we focus on. The intent is to enjoy each others company and learn a different perspective from our group for a better understanding of the topic at hand.

Sedona Movie Group

Date: September 14
Where: Robert and Gary
Time: 6:00 PM

Life of Pi
Memoirs of a Geisha
Theme: Survival and the lose of innocence.

Food Assignments: Co-ordinate with —> Sheri, Lee, Sybil, Robert,

More Rules About Nothing….
Rating - 5) Loved It - 4) Enjoyed it - 3) Not clamoring to see it again - 2) When is this going to end! - 1) GET ME OTTA HERE!

  1. One page of notes just to refresh your memory.
  2. Your opinion matters… not some critic
  3. Keep remarks pithy
  4. Unusual facts and trivia - Always Welcome!


September Movies

  • Life of Pi (2012) - Gérard Depardieu - Director Ang Lee
  • Memiors of a Geisha (2005) - Ken Watanabe - Director Rob Marshall

July Movies

  • Avatar (2009) Sigourney Weaver - Director James Cameron = 4.6
  • The Fountain (2006) Hugh Jackman - Director D. Aronofsky = 3.3

April Movies

  • Whiplash - (2014) - Miles Teller - Director Damien Chazelle = 4.9
  • The Spectacular Now - (2013) - Miles Teller - Director James Ponsoldt = 4.6

February Movies

  • The Kominski Method (2018) mini series - All 8 episodes on Netflix = 4.9
  • Harold & Maude (1971) Ruth Gordon - Director Hal Ashby = 4.1



November Movies

  • A Star is Born (2018) - Lady Gaga - Director Bradley Cooper = 5
  • A Star is Born (1976) - Barbara Streisand - Director Frank Pierson = 3.4

September Movies

  • Juno - (2007) - Ellen Page - Director Jason Reitman = 4.7
  • Tully - (2018) - Charlize Theron - Director Jason Reitman = 4.6

July Movies

  • Duplicity - (2009) Julia Roberts - Director Tony Gilroy = 2.9
  • Inception - (2010) - Leonardo DiCaprio - Director Chris Nolan = 3.5

May Movies

  • Frida (2002) - Salma Hayek - Director Julie Taylor = 5.0
  • Desperado (1997) - Antonio Banderas - Salma Hayek - Director Robert Rodriguez = 2.9

March Movies

  • Betrayed (1988) - Debra Winger - Director Costa-Gravras = 3.1
  • Terms of Endearment - (1983) Starring Shirley MacLane, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson - Director James Brooks = 4.9

February Movies

  • The Truman Show (1998) - Jim Carrey - Director P. Weir = 4.7
  • Pleasantville (1998) Reese Witherspoon - Director G. Ross = 4.2

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