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All images posted on this website are the proprietary property of Rick Sperry of Rick's World Sedona (sperryr.com). No image can be used without authorization of Rick Sperry. Furthermore, many images have watermarks. The most common used is Sedona-Lifestyle. Sedona-Lifestyle.com will lead you to a page on Sheri Sperry's website. This page offers some personal and professional information about Sheri Sperry, a Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker Realty in the Sedona office. Other links on the page will guide the reader to various other information to help them with decisions to make wise Sedona and the Verde Valley real estate decisions. Sheri Sperry is a member in good standing in the SVVAR, AAR, and NAR.

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Most of the images that I create have meta-data copyright protection and many have a physical watermark when allowed. Various watermarks are used. The most popular watermark is Sedona-Lifestyle. The link will take you to Sheri's Corner.

My Policy

I work with my wife, Sheri Sperry to help her with the digital media for her clients. I take pride in providing high quality workmanship. This places Sheri's digital media in high regard from her clients and other REALTOR®s. She has been asked by many, "who does your photography?"

I find it a conflict of interest to work for any other REALTOR® because it dilutes Sheri's brand. Also, the amount of time I take to process one image may not be a lucrative venture.

Because all her media is done in house, we can customize the experience for our clients without going through other individuals. Other agents and brokers know that it can be difficult to schedule photo shoots or tweaking images, etc. Clients are assured that this process is done with expediency and dedication to the client.

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