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Learning About the Mercury Retrograde

The planet Mercury rules education, intelligence and truth. During a retrograde, some of the power is held back.  Things get a little crazy. Travel Plans may have glitches and delays or detours. Computers may not function correctly. Information breaks down. Cars and appliances may have problems.  Where ever there are weaknesses, those areas will be magnified.  This is a time to be wary of what is happening all around and be aware that for every two steps forward you take you may have to take one step backward. 

See the “Guidelines - Dos and Don’ts below to help get through the period.  After all, you still have to live your daily life.  You just can't curl up in a bed for the next three weeks can you? !! 

One other thing to consider. You control your own destiny. You can do a lot to avoid the consequences of a Mercury Retrograde. Be centered, aware of your surroundings and what you are doing, saying and acting on. Consciously act from heart and spirit. Don’t allow buttons to be pushed, keep your fields clear. By doing this you do not get caught up in your own shadows and the shadows of others.

- Communicate as succinctly as possible - Be aware that correct interpretation may be lacking; ask probing questions and check for understanding.
- Don’t sign contracts unless you feel comfortable revisiting them again when Mercury turns direct.
- Back up computer files.
- Don’t buy expensive electronics… for that matter, don’t buy anything expensive.
- Don’t submit manuscripts or screenplays, pitch ideas or launch new projects.
- Try not to travel. If you have to travel, be flexible and allow for delays. Think of it as an adventure!
- DO research, revise, rewrite, rethink, review, rehearse, reassess, reorganize, resume. If something has been put on the back burner or stated awhile ago, it is a time to finish what was previously started. This time also reveals to you issues that need to be addressed, fixed, resolved.

Try not to give any more power to the retrograde as possible. Keep all of the above in mind and realize that you will have to expend more time and energy in dealing with the above areas but keep your wits about you and think in a positive way.

I have tried to discount the Mercury Retrograde but to no avail. Now I embrace it and realize that there is always a silver lining to every rain cloud. If you take extra care, brace yourself for issues, the three weeks of the proper phase of the cycle will pass smoothly. The “
Proper” phase is when communication and transportation or mechanical issues arise. It is the part of the cycle when Mercury appears to be going backwards. See Definition below for Pre-Shadow and Post Shadow.

Even more info on the Mercury Retrograde

It is usually in the Pre-Shadow phase that the mistakes are made. Incorrect assumptions, bad short cuts and sloppy communication occur as Mercury is starting to slow down. These areas can be more intensified in the last days right before the planet appears stationary. The most intense effect is when the planet appears Retrograde Stationary. As Mercury appears to go backward in the sky, the effects of the Pre-Shadow phase start to show up. This time should show due diligence and a high focus and constant checking and re-checking of important details and communication. The Direct phase is when Mercury appears to stop moving backwards and starts moving the same direction as the sun and earth. This is when all the mistakes start to show up. The Post-Shadow part of the cycle usually reveals the consequences for not paying careful attention to details as the planet appears to return to normal forward speed.
Proper - March 5 thru March 28, 2019
Proper - July 7 thru August 2, 2019
Proper - October 31 thru November 20, 2019
Pre-Shadow Period - 2/19 -> 3/5
March 6 - Retrograde Stationary
Retrograde Intensified - 3/7 -> 3/28
Direct - 3/29
Post-Shadow - 3/30 -> 4/15
Pre-Shadow Period - 6/20 -> 7/7
July 8 - Retrograde Stationary
Retrograde Intensified - 7/9 -> 7/30
Direct - 8/1
Post-Shadow - 8/2 -> 8/14
Pre-Shadow Period - 10/11 -> 10/30
October 31 - Retrograde Stationary
Retrograde Intensified -11/1 -> 11/20
Direct - 11/21
Post-Shadow - 11/22 -> 12/6
Dates will be added in December of 2019. See also The Astrology Zone
The time is local Sedona Mountain Standard Time (MST)
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