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In Memory of Ryan
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A Celebration of Life

A great Soul serves everyone all the time.
A great Soul never dies.
It brings us together again and again.
Maya Angelou

About Ryan 
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Grief is the price we pay for love.

Queen Elizabeth

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- - Ryan J. Sperry - -

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Ryan is buried in Riverside National Cemetery at the edge of the lake that he loved so much. He spent a lot of his break and lunch time under a tree. The tree was pulled out but a new tree will be planted in his honor. He was a beloved member of this ground crew. The map and details are located at the bottom of the webpage with links to the RNC. SEE TAB 3 for MAP

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A Tribute To Ryan

On Tuesday, August 9, 2022, Ryan J. Sperry, beloved son of Sheri and Rick P. Sperry, brother of Rick M. Sperry, uncle of Tristan Sperry, passed away at the age of 43.

Ryan was born on June 11, 1979, at Queen of the Valley Hospital in West Covina, California. Ryan attended grammar school at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School and Community Free Methodist. Ryan graduated from Etiwanda High School in 1997.

After high school, Ryan decided to enter the Armed Forces. Ryan was born during peacetime. Rick and Sheri never anticipated that either of their sons would say,
“I want to join the military!” But one did. Ryan spent a year out of high school studying every aspect of our military services, speaking to all recruiters, and decided he wanted to be a United States Marine. In 1999, Ryan became a Marine. His goal was to be part of the Marine Corp Security Forces, which he achieved.

This was a decision he was very proud of, and he was excited to start this journey and his new life.

Ryan had never been away from home. “Boot Camp” took place at Camp Pendleton for 13 weeks. Leaving for 13 weeks was very hard on his mom, dad, and brother.

When Ryan “graduated” from Boot Camp, his graduation ceremony was close by in San Diego. The entire family was invited to participate in the celebration. It was a celebration the family won’t ever forget. Rick and Sheri had a big party at a local restaurant, and everyone attended.

After all of his training, he went overseas to protect the Monai Compound in the Middle East.  At the time, Bahrain was considered the third highest worldwide threat to our troops... While Ryan was in Bahrain, the 
USS Cole was bombed on October 12, 2000, and he volunteered to guard it. He was on duty and was turned down. Marines in his unit were pulled from Bahrain because it was the closest point to the terrorist attack. 
What many people may not know is the sense of duty that Ryan had. He wanted to be where the action was and wanted to volunteer for potentially hazardous missions.
Once Ryan was discharged, Ryan's journey took him to Riverside National Cemetery, where he found rewarding employment. Part of his duties included burial detail and support for the families of the Fallen. During those holidays, including Veterans Day, Independence Day, and of course, Memorial Day, it was all hands on deck. Ryan wanted to be there for those families.

A former caretaker stated this when asked what it was like to work at Riverside National Cemetery:
"This is a place where you can go to work and know that you made a difference for someone. Where the employees have the honor and privilege to lay Heroes to rest and provide their families with heartfelt service”. Ryan felt this every day he came to work.

Though Ryan spent many years serving others at Riverside National Cemetery, he wanted to try something new. Ryan transferred to the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System. Part of his job was repairing the large outside water valves. He loved this work and he was very good at it.

We were blessed to meet most of his fellow workers at the funeral ceremony. They knew exactly where Ryan would want to be laid to rest. He spent every afternoon under a tree by the lake, enjoying his lunch. His coworkers said that he would be well taken care of from here on.

Ryan was buried with full-military honors with Marine Veterans performing the 21-gun salute. It was an extraordinary private ceremony we will not soon forget.

We are now a family of four. Our son will always be in our hearts and we will never let his memory fade away.

More to come in the months ahead…

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More Memories …

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Family Memories… 

Ryan Sperry
June 11, 1979 to August 7, 2022

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Family Portrait

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Father's Day 2010
Sedona ,AZ

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Ryan and Rick
2006 - Broken Arrow Trail

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San Diego - Coronado Island
Adeline - Sheri - Rick - Ryan - Ricky (in front)

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Disneyland - Thunder Mountain
Adeline - Sheri - Ryan - Ricky - Jack

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Ryan's 40th Birthday
2019 ~ Palm Springs ~ Roy's

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Mouth of the Grand Canyon
Lake Mead - 1997

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Sperry Family - Sedona
Thanksgiving - 2017

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MaMa's - Maui
Oct 28, 2005

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Lake Mojave - 1982
Ryan - Brian - Aubry - Ricky - Sheri

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2016 - Uncle Ryan and Tristan

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Elmer's - Palm Springs
2019 - Ryan's 40th Birthday

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One of Sheri's Favorite Images

Ryan in Davy Crockett Coonskin Hat

U.S. Marines

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Bye Bye Uncle Ryan
Until we meet again…

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God Bless You

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Map of Riverside National Cemetery  

Map of Riverside National Cemetery

Ryan's Gravesite

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Map of Riverside National Cemetery

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Gravesite Location

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A Special Lakeside Location

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Video Slideshow 
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In Memory of Ryan
Wells of Life - Dedicated to R J Sperry 

Well 767 - Dedicated to Ryan J. Sperry

By the R. Rand Sperry Family of Orange County CA.

Located in Moma Village, Uganda

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1.070 people now have safe access to clean water and all the goodness that comes with it.

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Access to clean water means education, income, and health. Families will go from having a limited amount of dirty water to an unlimited amount of clean water.

They become healthier. They get to bath and wash their clothes regularly.
Healthier kids spend more time in school. Women and girls get their lives back.

Families start businesses, improve their homes, and take charge of their future.

The impact is exponential for each community member.


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Below, see a few images of the real people directly impacted by this well in
Ryan J. Sperry's Honor.

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God Bless all the people of Moma Village, Uganda.

May you have clean water for all your future needs.


"My mom and dad taught me the greatest gifts we have are our family, our health, and the right to clean water and good land."

Erin Brockovich

The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.

John F. Kennedy

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