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Since retirement in 2007, I have had an opportunity to explore the world outside and inside of me.  What an exploration it has been.  I am very fortunate to have had this remarkable experience.

It has been a journey. A journey that I would not change, and more importantly, a journey I continue to look forward to with excitement each and every day.

No experience or exploration is worth undertaking if you cannot share it with your family and friends.  What a blessing to be surrounded by people you care about.

My goal is to provide you with a look into my world that will inspire you in a very encouraging way to move forward with your own unique journey. I do that by capturing snippets in time.

SONGS THAT INSPIRE ME  (Listen Below)  Enjoy!!!!


                     !.   Somewhere Over The Rainbow    

                     2. Forrest Gump Suite

                     3. Mad World

                     4. Adiemus

                     5. This Never Happened Before

                     6. Ecstasy


                     7. Pray For Rain



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My Photos That Inspire Me

Songs that inspire Me

  1. 1.Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  2. 2.Forrest Gump Suite

  3. 3.Mad World

  4. 4.Adiemus

  5. 5.This Never Happened Before

  6. 6.Ecstasy


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