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I want to share them with you. These videos have touched me in some profound way, whether it was through a tug on my heart strings or utter amazement, or silly laughter. I hope you enjoy them. There are two additional videos that are very special and can be found at the links here. The Prescription for Stress and Mr. Holland's Opus.

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Change Your Words and You Will Change Your World

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See 2 Other Featured Videos At The Links Below

Prescription For Stress

Mr.Holland's Opus

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Example of Sedona Luxury Home - Offered By Sheri Sperry
Offered and SOLD by Sheri Sperry of Sedona Select Properties® This home is located in the Cottages At Coffeepot, Soldiers Pass West Sedona Arizona. Learn more at SedonaLuxuryHome.com. This is the type of marketing we offer.
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12 yr old - Basketball Prodigy - Amazing!
Do you enjoy basketball? This video is about a 12 year old from Seattle who could play on par with the Globetrotters right now!
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Patrick H. Hughes - Music of Opportunity - Inspirational - An Amazing UPS Dad
A remarkable story of the human Spirit. You have to see this video to experience a father and son relationship like no other. Note: When this was filmed, Mr. Hughes worked at UPS World-Port Louisville, KY.
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Time Lapse Footage of Earth as Seen From the Space Station
Night video from the International Space Station. "All Alone In the Night".
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Tommy Emmanuel - Amazing Guitar Solo
This classic song by Harold Arlen from the film, The Wizard of Oz, was arranged and performed by Tommy from the mid '70s. It was first adapted from a version played by Chet Atkins, then it evolved over many concerts.
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Colton Burpo's "A Glimpse of Heaven"
Do you believe there is a Heaven?. Listen to Colton's near death experience. Some have proposed that those who believe in life after death are not being realistic and do not want to believe that we just stop existing. What say you? Please watch and let sperryr.com know what you think. Either way, we will all find our the answer to the question, it is just a matter of time....
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150 MPH - Slo Mo Golf Ball Against A Wall!
Hitting wall at 150 MPH. No one has a swing speed of 150 mph including Tiger Woods who is just under 130 MPH. For example, the Pro V-1 golf ball by Titleist is actually a 3 stage ball. It takes a least 100 MPH club swing speed to compress the ball fully. Most golfers will get more distance from a 2 stage ball which is less expensive.
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Diving Head First Into the Largest Hawaiian Waves! - Photography
Follow Clark Little on his journey to capture amazing shore break photography. He risks his life every time he takes a photo.
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Maui Sunset at Kahana Beach
Maui Sunset with green flash. At approximately 1:51 into the video, you can make out a yellow-green tint at the top of the sun. The shaking was a result of a flying roach that flew into the car! My wife thought it was a bee and was trying to get it out. Conditions were perfect on March 6th because the sky was clear throughout the ocean.
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The Mountain - Amazing Video

The Mountain by TSO Photography  Another photography wizard Pascal Christian, has a great website "spacelapse" that goes into the painstaking detail of what these photographers go through to "get the shot".  He also has many additional time-lapse videos and astro photos.  There is a section that shows the equipment that is used and the set up involved.  It gives the novice a deep appreciation of what these wizards go through to capture that image or video that pops and yells out WOW!

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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Riding the Shuttle Booster Rocket
Riding the Shuttle Booster. Video was taken from 2 different shuttle flights. The boosters got up to speeds of 2900 MPH and you can visibly see the rocket break the sound barrier as the clock approaches 41 seconds. It will last until 48 seconds as it punches through.
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Rick'N It - Snowboarding Slope Syle - Nationals Champion
SNOWBOARDING - Featuring my son, a 2 time USASA Nationals Slope Style Event Gold Medalist - Copper Mountain Colorado - filmed at Bear Mountain
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Mom's Dream Comes True
This one really got to me. A son sacrifices for his mother so that she may have her dream come true.
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